Position on Nationalism

Nationalism is a natural impulse, the result of mankind’s tribal past and his psychological inclination to form in-groups and out-groups. While the Crown does not agree with all tenets of nationalist movements, and does not condone ethnic violence, we believe that such movements (even National Socialist movements) are nonetheless valuable and worthy of support. Why? Quite simply, nation-states are the best alternative to both the destructive force of one-world utopian ideologies and the danger of a return to tribal or clannish states. The Crown’s goal is to see the flourishing and growth of intelligent, accomplished, and high-tech human cultures. Retrogressing into tribalism will hinder that goal, as will the spread of the moralistic policies of a totalitarian Left whose only goal is equality of results at any cost.

In addition, nation-states are the best laboratories for human society and governance. Nations should rise or fall based on the abilities of their citizens and the decisions of their leaders. Attempts to dissolve or dilute nation-states, through mass immigration or imperial ventures, are a barrier to the proper functioning of human social experimentation. Today, attempts at national dissolution are almost always caused by the totalitarian Left, one big step along their well-intentioned road to one-world Hell. For that reason alone, nationalism should be supported in all its ethnic (Golden Dawn) and multi-ethnic (Tea Party) forms.

For certain groups, nationalism is its own end. The Crown wishes them well, hopes they can secure their borders, and asks only that they keep their citizens and militaries within those borders. Although the Crown identifies with its Spanish and American heritages, we see nationalism as a means to an end, not an end in itself. It is a means by which the totalitarian Left might be routed and by which a resurgence of regional tribalism might be kept in check. In other words, nationalism is, in its own tactical way, on the side of those of us who want to see humanity reach its fullest potential for intelligence, exploration, and culture.


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