our demands . . .

Beneath the article about Professor Sanders’ report on affirmative action at UCLA, a commenter posted the following:

Part of me thinks the commenter is a troll; the post is just too funny to be earnest. However, another part of me knows it’s real. I’ve dealt with people who actually think this way. So, I’ll treat it as real, and, taking away the grandiose rhetoric, I’ll translate the demands:

1. Fire Professor Sanders for saying things that hurt our feelings. And stop professors from using math or science without first making sure that their conclusions fit our worldview.

2. Administrators, make us feel better about ourselves again. Tell us sweet lies about how smart we are.

3. Accept students based on their race, not their intellectual achievement. Then, when they get to campus, tell them sweet lies about how their phenotypes make everyone smarter.

4. Apropos Demand # 3, stop accepting students based on their intellectual achievement. Change your standards to accommodate people of color, who can’t compete intellectually with whites and East Asians.

5. Don’t just change your admissions standards; change your laws. Our phenotypes give us a right to take over institutions and countries built by whites.



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2 responses to “our demands . . .

  1. ” . . .grueling academic fields such as sociology and cultural studies.”

    –that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day; but admittedly, it comes close to a troll-tell. I’m sorry I didn’t write it myself.

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