la piel que habito

Blacks and “Hispanics” (i.e., Amerinds) are complaining about a report compiled by UCLA law professor Richard Sander. The report suggests that blacks and, to a lesser degree, Hispanics may receive preferential admission to the school because of their race and despite their lower scores. Race-based admissions are illegal in California.

Thing is, the protestors seem to be in favor of affirmative action. And Sanders’ report simply concludes that affirmative action is being practiced at UCLA. So why are the protestors protesting? Shouldn’t they be glad that UCLA administration has found a way to practice AA without falling foul of the law?

Apparently not. From one side of their mouths, they demand that race be a factor in admissions. From the other side, they protest a professor who says that, at UCLA, race may be a factor in admissions. These blacks and Hispanics want AA but they don’t want white people suggesting any of them needed AA to get into the school. That’s racist.


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